About Us

Life long, healthy and happy.

We believe nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are key components of an active, healthy and happy life. The foundation is our lifestyle and our mindset - nourishing your body and mind, sleep, movement, relaxation, nurturing relationships and gratitude all contribute.

What drives us at Puritics® is to support your micronutrient intake with best-in-class nutritional supplements.

Consumer choices regarding vitamins, minerals and beneficial bacteria products are plentiful, and at times can be confusing with too many ‘special’ solutions alluding to highly specialised and personalised products. The quality of products and dosage of ingredients vary greatly, in addition marketing and distribution may distract from poor underlying quality or supply chain choices.

We are all unique in terms of health, lifestyle choices and nutritional requirements. However, there are a number of highly relevant nutrients considered to be beneficial to the general population. This is where Puritics® comes in.

When we set out to create Puritics®, our motivation was to develop a select range of exceptional nutritional supplements, with products suitable for everyday use as part of a healthy lifestyle, or to address specific health requirements.

Puritics® as a brand stands for:

Highest purity
Optimal dosage
Broad spectrum
Research-based formula
Optimal bio-availability
No unnecessary fillers or ingredients
Organic and vegan, when possible

Given the importance of the gut to a healthy body and mind, we are launching our first Puritics® product containing a benchmark range of beneficial bacteria: Let your gut smile.

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The creators of Puritics® have nearly two decades of experience in nutritional academics and consulting as a nutritional therapist (MSc Personalised Nutrition), in addition to a track-record distributing leading international nutritional supplement brands in Switzerland, and credentials in venture building and finance.

Claudette Lucien, the Co-Founder of Puritics

Our Co-founder and lead nutritional therapist, Claudette Lucien has spent the majority of her academic life as well as her work in clinical practice on the topic of gut health.

Research dissertation titles and publications include: ‘Intestinal permeability and inflammatory bowel disease: the pathogenic role of TNF-α, and probiotics as a potential therapeutic intervention’ as well as ‘Can probiotics be considered a therapeutic tool in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome?’.

Aside from the academic background, working with hundreds of clients in nutritional practice each year, we have experienced first-hand the power of food, lifestyle and supporting with quality supplements.